Sean Moriarty for First Selectman

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“As your First Selectman, I will serve full-time as a competent communicator effectively managing town employees, boards, and commissions. As problem solver, I will use my proven leadership skills to realistically assess our challenges and set reasonable goals. By fostering collaboration between stakeholders, I will make the most of our available resources in Haddam, in the region, and in the State.”

Sean Moriarty knows that collaboration, communication and thoughtful problem solving are the keys to strong leadership for Haddam. As your first selectman and hard working public servant, he will bring openness and integrity to Haddam Town Hall and to every citizen.


In addition to handling emergencies under pressure, managing up to 80 police officers and civilian employees, and developing a $13 million police budget, Sean is closely linked with multiple municipal entities including fire, ambulance, city government, chamber of commerce, public schools, colleges and universities while on the job.

Sean will bring his thirty years of collaborating with others to bring out the best we can be in Haddam. He will keep you in the loop as a citizen, volunteer, or board or commission member. He will be your full-time First Selectman, retiring from the PD, so he can devote all the time necessary to create and maintain cooperative relationships.  He will answer your calls and emails: his door will always be open.


Sean will schedule board meetings in the evenings, so more people can attend: daytime meetings are not convenient to the public. He also plans to remove the three-minute time constraint set on public comments and will allow for public comments at special meetings. With Sean at the helm, board of selectmen meetings will not be cancelled just because there is nothing for the board to vote on. This will allow people more time to speak and communicate with their elected officials.

Problem Solver

Sean plans to give Board of Selectmen members enough time to study a proposal or contract before asking them to vote. He will not call for a vote the same night just to push something through.

Through his leadership, the board will examine Haddam’s challenges realistically and set reasonable goals. He will not concoct misleading budgets, but will work with all boards and those requesting funds to present realistic budgets.

We all would like lower taxes and cell phone service all over Haddam but Sean does not make lofty promises. He will help make Haddam a tourist/restaurant destination by working with the Lower Connecticut River Valley Council of Governments to promote tourism in our area. He will try to find ways to invest in more affordable senior housing for Haddam residents.

Support Sean on November 7

Sean knows that to foster collaboration, you need to initiate and lead, but also be a team player. Yielding and thoughtfully considering what citizens, boards, and regional partners have to say will make the most of Haddam’s limited Federal, State, and local resources.

Contact Sean Moriarty: 860-614-4924, or

More From Sean:

Public Safety is Nothing to Laugh At

During the recent debate Mrs. Milardo made a comment about being called out to emergencies because she is the “Chief of Police.” I attempted to correct this as the First Selectman is the Chief Law Enforcement officer in the town but not the Chief of Police. Unfortunately some of her supporters in the audience laughed and scoffed at my correction of the distinction between the two titles.
As the Chief Law Enforcement Officer in a town, you have the legal authority to sign various types of permits and perform other administrative duties pertaining to public safety. Some other duties may include responding to public safety emergencies, but without the proper training there is a risk that wrong decisions will be made.
In a town with an organized police department, the Chief of Police is a sworn police offer that has all the administrative duties of the Chief Law Enforcement Officer. In addition to those duties the Chief of Police also has the training and experience to make the crucial decisions that may save lives during public safety emergencies.
While I am not the Chief of Police in Middletown I have the knowledge to perform the legal administrative duties (at times I have had them delegated to me) of a Chief Law Enforcement Officer along with the training and real experience of managing public safety emergencies such as natural and man-made disasters. I am trained to a high level in, and have used in real public safety emergencies, the National Incident Management System (NIMS), such as at the Wesleyan Book Store shooting, Clean Energy explosion and crippling storms to name a few.
This is a coordinated and collaborative approach to emergency management where multiple agencies come together to resolve an incident in an efficient manner both operationally and fiscally. Go to for more information on NIMS. Please contact me to learn what training, along with policies and procedures, I have written dealing with public safety emergencies.
As you can see there is a crucial difference between the two titles and I am the only candidate with the knowledge, training and experience to truly manage a public safety emergency in Haddam.
Sean Moriarty, Your Trained and Experienced Public Safety First Selectman Candidate