Paul White for Zoning Board of Appeals

My name is Paul White. I have been a resident of Haddam since 2005. I have a son in the wonderful Haddam-Killingworth school system. While I am originally from Niantic, I have never felt more at home than I do here in Haddam!
I graduated from East Lyme High School more years in the past than I care to admit, went to college in upstate New York, and graduated from Quinnipiac University School of Law in the early 1990s. I currently work for Optum Technology, a business segment within UnitedHealth Group, as a Contracts Professional. In this role I support numerous health care information technology contracts Optum Technology has with various states, each of which offers healthcare services to its residents. I am proud to be part of the health care industry that is attempting to make America healthier!
While I have not held any sort of office previously, as a member of your Zoning Board of Appeals, I plan listen to everyone, and when asked to vote, do so with the best interests of the applicant, their neighbors, and all of Haddam, both now and in the future in mind.
The purpose of the Zoning Board of Appeals is to consider variances of the town’s zoning regulations. I want to be a common sense voice on the Board. I plan to listen to each and every appeal and consider it as if I were not only the person making the appeal, but also the neighbor of that person, because, after all, zoning rules and regulations serve purpose: to preserve the “character” of our community. The reality is however, that new development is always happening. It will be my goal to foster and encourage such development, while also doing my best to maintain the amazing character of our wonderful town!
Before one should seek to change something, I think it best to see how it works today. I cannot wait to be part of the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) and see how its processes work for myself, both in public and deliberative, so that I may learn how the system currently works; only then would I offer any sort of suggestion(s) to change anything. That said, there is one thing I do think should be kept in mind when voting for variances to the zoning regulations: how today‘s vote will impact Haddam tomorrow! There are so many decisions made where the benefit is there today, but the long term implications of that decision are detrimental. As a member of the ZBA, I would vote with today in mind, but an eye toward tomorrow.
As above, before I would seek to change anything, I would want to learn about it. I think anyone who offers suggestions of change before seeing how a process works is jumping the gun, especially in today’s hyper-charged political climate.
Haddam is truly a hidden gem. It is an amazing mix of historic and new, rural and modern, close to everything but far enough away that when home, I feel like I am in an oasis. It is a place to put down roots and stay! Before asking formally for your vote, I would like to take a moment to say that whether you are a doctor, lawyer, teacher, proud union member, stay-at-home parent, or anything else, I would seek to serve both the town’s and your interest to the best of my ability. I ask for, and would be very much honored to receive, your vote on November 7th.