Haddam Dems Nominate Twenty-Two to Run For Town Offices This Fall: Sean Moriarty For First Selectman, Melissa Schlag & Sean Donlan for Selectmen Seats


Sean Moriarty for First Selectman

Over fifty Haddam Democrats unanimously approved a slate of 22 candidates for their November ticket at the Caucus on July 18th.  Sean Moriarty was nominated for the First Selectman position and former First Selectman Melissa Schlag and incumbent Sean Donlan for  second or third seats on the Board of Selectmen. See the complete list below of all the candidates.


17 of the 22 Dems Running for Office

First Selectman candidate Sean Moriarty, dedicated to public service all of his adult life as a soldier, coach and police officer, says he’s ready to run and serve as Haddam’s top leader.

“I will be on the job at least a full forty-hour week,” Sean said.  He will retire from his 30- year-career at the Middletown Police Department should he be elected on November 7. “The position of First Selectman requires nothing less than full time focus.”

Sean began public service when he joined the U.S. Army Reserves in 1985 as a Military Policeman. He served in the Middle East during the Persian Gulf War in 1990. Sean was hired at the Middletown Police Department in 1987 and rose through the ranks from patrolman, sergeant, lieutenant. He was promoted to captain in 2011. He currently manages over 80 officers on three shifts and various police units. Sean has experience working on the police department’s $13M budget, investing major crimes, overseeing the SWAT team and scuba unit, and reconstructing major motor vehicle accidents, to name a few areas.

Sean has been involved in town politics since 2007 and is currently chair of the nominating committee on the Haddam Democratic Town Committee.

A Higganum resident for nearly thirty years, Sean is married to Tanja Buzzi Moriarty and is the father of two grown children, Erin and Christopher, both educated in the H-K school system. Sean has served as a basketball coach for the Haddam Recreation Department and referee for its soccer league. He also coached boys and girls Haddam-Killingworth Travel basketball teams. Sean currently serves as a Trustee at his church.

Others running for office are Scott Brooks for Town Clerk, Eliska Bayley, Brenda Buzzi, Gerry Matthews for Board of Education, Mark Lundgren and Steve Bayley for Board of Finance, Melissa Talevi for Board of Finance Alternate, Ralph Livieri, Gina Block, Mike Farina, and Peter Baird for Planning and Zoning,  Robert Braren and Diane Stock for Planning and Zoning Alternate, Jason Esteves and Paul White for Zoning Board of Appeals, Aubrey Bingham and Jessica Labbe for Zoning Board of Appeals Alternate, Aubrey Bingham for Tax Collector, Judy Goldfarb and Tanja Moriarty for Board of Assessment Appeals.

Haddam and Killingworth Officials Exercise First Amendment Rights—They Kneel Disheartened With Our Country’s Leadership…

being bullied

…Two Republicans Go Unscathed; The Democrat Deals with Politically- Charged Bullying!

For about a year, two members of the Haddam -Killingorth Board of Education have been taking a knee during the Pledge of Allegiance in school meetings. Maura Wallin, a Haddam Republican, admits she is no fan of President Trump, said she takes a knee in protest of our criminal justice system.  She believes it singles out minorities. Eric Couture of Killingworth kneels because he feels “..we are not living living up to what we say we stand for, and we should call attention to that.”(see Middletown Press link)

They kneel. That is their constitutional right! No one in Haddam or Killingworth, nor of anyone with any political affiliation has ever said a word about it—for over a year!

Yet, on Monday, July 16th, Selectman Melissa Schlag, Democrat, knelt during the Pledge of Allegiance at the beginning of the Board of Selectmen meeting. in protest of Trump’s visit with Putin that day. She knelt “in sorrow” for a number of issues she felt needing repair in our country (see her letter on our website).

The meeting continued after the Pledge as usual for about 35 minutes, then adjourned. That seemed to be that.  But later, the video of her kneeling was handed over to the mass-media by parties who wanted to agitate, to promote unprecedented division in our town, state and nation.

It wasn’t us.

A firestorm of controversy spread globally. Though well within her Constitutional rights,

You are invited to read and learn a lot more here on our website!

Double the Turn-Out at Second Joint Meeting With Neighboring Democratic Town Committees

Over 130 Democrats from area town committees met on Wed., Feb. 28 in Essex to hear from 12 candidates for governor, treasurer, attorney general at Essex’s town office building. This number from Haddam, Chester, Deep River and Essex, Lyme, Old Lyme and Portland is double the amount that met last month in Deep River to share ideas and collaborate on how to restore sanity and good sense in our local, state, and national government. The four chairs of the local committees, Lori Ann Clymas, (Chester), Lisa Bibbiani (Deep River), Brian Cournoyer (Essex), and Melissa Schlag (Haddam) began this collaboration in the new year. The purpose of these gatherings is to stand strong together to take back our towns, state, and nation by campaigning together, instead of as individual town committees. Right now we are receiving reports from local political dignitaries and pitches from future candidates.

Each Democratic Town Committee plans to host a joint meeting in the coming months. The next one is Wednesday, March 28 at 7 p.m. at the Haddam Fire House 1.  Please take the time now to click and like the Chester, Deep River, and Essex Democratic Town Committees on line or visit their websites so you can stay informed at this crucial time!


https://ctdems.org/dtc/deep-river/  https://www.facebook.com/groups/deepriverdemocrats/about/


Lower River Town DTCs Ban Together



dem map

Democratic Town Committees from Haddam, Chester, Deep River, and Essex are joining forces this new year with a series of Joint Democratic Town Committee meetings. The first takes place at the Deep River Town Hall on Wednesday, January 24 at 7 p.m. Come experience the strength in numbers as we share ideas and hear from folks including:

  • Gubernatorial candidate Joe Ganim (Bridgeport Mayor)
  • AG Candidate Mike D’Agostino (State Rep. Hamden)
  • First Selectman Norm Needleman
  • Judge of Probate-elect Jeannine Lewis

The next joint meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, February 28 at 7 p.m. at the Essex Town Hall . We’ll host one in Haddam in March, date to be announced.

Nine Members Added, HDTC Stronger Than Ever!

Congratulations to nine new and returning members to the Haddam Democratic Town Committee! We had a great meeting last night and now have 39 members on our committee. What a dynamic group! Going forward, we will be meeting at the Community Center, 7 Candlewood Hill Road, Higganum as we all felt it was a nicer atmosphere. Since we can get cell service at the community center, we will be able to offer live Facebook or Skype meetings for folks who are not able to make it.

Next gathering: We are joining Essex, Chester, and Deep River DTCs at the Deep River Town Hall on January 24 from 7-9 for a planning session going into the state election period and then will hear from a few gubernatorial candidates at 8 p.m.

Let us know if you can make it, if you need directions, or are interested in carpooling. Check here for more details.

You Can Be Part of a Positive Change: Join the Haddam Democratic Town Committee on January 11th

Be part of the positive change for your world at the local and national level. If you’re a registered Democrat in Haddam, Haddam Neck, or Higganum we want you to be part of the Haddam Democratic Town Committee during the 2018-2020 term. Contact Chairman Melissa Schlag or come to the Haddam Democratic Town Committee Caucus, Thursday, January 11th at 7 p.m. at the Haddam Community Center, 7 Candlewood Hill Road, Higganum.

The caucus is a political meeting where registered Democrats are elected to represent the local committee as well as serve as convention delegates. They in turn, select delegates to the district, state, and national conventions. The Democratic and Republican National Conventions then select their parties’ nominees for President and Vice President, so the local caucus is the first step in nominating Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates for office. Contact Melissa Schlag with any questions: melissaschlag@hotmail.com.

Who We Are and Why You Should Join Haddam Democrats

We are a hybrid of Haddam, Higganum and Haddam Neck neighbors who embrace progressive values such as:

  • employment and economic opportunity
  • a healthy environment
  • quality, affordable health care
  • civil rights
  • affordable housing
  • access to good public education
  • and fair taxation

We insist on open and fair town government here at home. Read more.

Haddam Folks Who Are Serving This Term

Best wishes to those who will be serving in Haddam this term. Congratulations to the entire hardworking Democratic team who fought hard with integrity. We know the following elected people will work hard for open government: Melissa Schlag, Board of Selectman- Gina Block and Mike Farina-Planning and Zoning Commission, Brenda Buzzi and Gerry Matthews- Board of Education, Mark Lundgren-Board of Finance, Diane Waddle Stock and Robert Braren-Planning and Zoning Alternate, Jessica Labbe-Zoning Board of Appeals alternate, Jeannine Lewis Judge of Probate, Scott Brookes-Town Clerk and Tanja Buzzi Moriarty for Board Assessment Appeals.

See the percentages of who received votes and voter turn-out.


Here are four helps for Election Day, tomorrow, November 7th:

I. Poll Locations: 

*District # 001 Haddam Firehouse Community Hall
439 Saybrook Rd (Rte 154) Higganum, CT 06441

*District #002 Regional School District #17 Central Office
57 Little City Rd Higganum, CT 06441

*District #003 Haddam Neck Firehouse 50 Rock Landing Rd Haddam Neck, CT 07624

*Curb side voting is available for “voters with a disability

Not sure where you’re supposed to vote? Contact Scott Brookes Town Clerk, 860-345-8531, ext 212.


II. Register to Vote on Election Day!

Do you still need to register to vote? No problem. Any unregistered Connecticut resident who is eligible to vote or any resident who has moved into Haddam, may register and vote in person on Election Day – ONLY at the: Haddam Firehouse Complex 439 Saybrook Road (Rte 154) Higganum, CT 06441 Hours: 6:00am to 8:00pm on Election Day, November 7, 2017

III. Need a Ride? 

Call us and we’ll get you there for free!

IV. Familiarize Your Two-Sided Ballot Before You Go In To Vote!

There are lots of candidates this year to consider. Take a look at two-sided the ballot.  It’s also in the centerfold of your November Haddam Bulletin recently delivered to your mailbox.  Practice filling it in before you go to vote. You are allowed to bring this practice ballot into the polls to refer to at voting time.

The Haddam Democrats have had a wonderful time meeting you and your neighbors. Please vote the A-Team, Row A on November 7th!

Recognize Any of these Folks from Our Campaign Trail?

Do you know any of these awesome Haddam, Haddam Neck, and Higganum folks in these photos?  Check out who we’ve been listening to–not just talking at—about their serious concerns, important questions, and dreams of what our town could be.

As you’ll see, we’ve been all over and everywhere!  We’re not done yet, though. You’ll continue to see us around town, on the phone and on-line right up until Election Day, Tuesday, November 7th. Then it will be up to you to vote. Vote the A-Team, Row A!


Photos of Great People on Our Campaign Trail: Recognize Anyone?

Do you know any of these awesome Haddam, Haddam Neck, and Higganum folks in these photos?


We’ve been listening to–not just talking at— you, and a lot of your neighbors. We hear serious concerns, important questions, and dreams of what our town could be.

As you’ll see from the rest of our campaign trail collection,  we’ve been all over and everywhere!  We’re not done yet, though. You’ll continue to see us around town, on the phone and on-line right up until Election Day, Tuesday, November 7th. Then it will be up to you to vote. Vote the A-Team, Row A!

See more campaign trail photos here.