Collaboration, Not Frustration

We all will achieve more if we can just work together. We need to collaborate and not frustrate each other to make the most of what we have in Haddam. Our candidates are committed to:

Open & Inclusive Town Government :

*You’ll be kept in the loop as a citizen, volunteer, board member on the town website, this democratic website, local media outlets.

*Your Full-time First Selectman Sean Moriarty will meet with you and answer all calls and emails.

*You’ll be able to attend meetings in the evening and not miss any because they’re held during the day when you can’t attend.

*You’ll be free to speak your mind with no time constraints at public comments and you can speak up at special meetings.

Fair & Honest Town Government:

  • You will not be misled by inaccurate budgets. Sean has years of experience working on $13M police budgets and Melissa has two years experience as First Selectman working (and trimming) Haddam budgets.
  • You can be confident that Moriarty and Schlag will adhere to the proper bidding process  and that all bidders will be treated equally.
  • Your elected Board of Selectmen members will be given enough time to digest a proposal or contract before asking to vote on it. They will not be pressured into   pushing it through the same night.

Realistic Forward Thinking Town Government:

  • They will find ways to invest in more affordable senior housing for Haddam residents so long-term residents can afford to live here.
  • They will work with prospective businesses in streamlining the otherwise time-consuming process for application approval in the Town Office.


 Collaboration is Key! Moriarty and Schlag will:

KKeep you in the loop as a citizen, volunteer, board member.

EExamine Haddam’s challenges realistically and set reasonable goals together.

YYield to citizens, boards and regional partners. Thoughtfully consider and encourage collaboration that will make the most of Haddam’s limited Federal, State and local resources.