Haddam and Killingworth Officials Exercise First Amendment Rights—They Kneel Disheartened With Our Country’s Leadership…

being bullied

…Two Republicans Go Unscathed; The Democrat Deals with Politically- Charged Bullying!

For about a year, two members of the Haddam -Killingorth Board of Education have been taking a knee during the Pledge of Allegiance in school meetings. Maura Wallin, a Haddam Republican, admits she is no fan of President Trump, said she takes a knee in protest of our criminal justice system.  She believes it singles out minorities. Eric Couture of Killingworth kneels because he feels “..we are not living living up to what we say we stand for, and we should call attention to that.”(see Middletown Press link)

They kneel. That is their constitutional right! No one in Haddam or Killingworth, nor of anyone with any political affiliation has ever said a word about it—for over a year!

Yet, on Monday, July 16th, Selectman Melissa Schlag, Democrat, knelt during the Pledge of Allegiance at the beginning of the Board of Selectmen meeting. in protest of Trump’s visit with Putin that day. She knelt “in sorrow” for a number of issues she felt needing repair in our country (see her letter on our website).

The meeting continued after the Pledge as usual for about 35 minutes, then adjourned. That seemed to be that.  But later, the video of her kneeling was handed over to the mass-media by parties who wanted to agitate, to promote unprecedented division in our town, state and nation.

It wasn’t us.

A firestorm of controversy spread globally. Though well within her Constitutional rights,

You are invited to read and learn a lot more here on our website!

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