Steve Bayley for Board of Finance

I think the town should be constantly sharpening its pencils to make sure town government is working as efficiently as possible. I do not think there is one big line item or one big savings that will lower taxes or keep taxes where they are now.   Haddam has the highest equalized mill rate in the lower Connecticut River valley. This high equalized mill rate makes it tough for businesses to open in town or be successful in town and it also discourages people from moving into Haddam. It will take a thorough analysis of the budget, leaving no stone unturned, to make sure the budget that goes to a town meeting is the best budget for the taxpayers. I will also look into including the town budget vote with the school budget vote, so more than 50 people on a weeknight at 7:00 p.m. have… Read more from Steve and the other candidates.

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