We Need Your Buns!

velvet elvis

 Keep Your Velvet Elvis Painting!

We Need Your Baked Goods to Sell at Town-Wide Tag Sale on Saturday, April 22nd

Forget schlepping your dusty knick knacks and old velvet Elvis paintings to the Town Wide Tag Sale on Sat. April 22, we’re selling delicious baked goods at the Haddam Democrats table, instead! We want to make some money, but also collect emails for this new e-blast! So please bake a plate of something that goes well with coffee, tea, and water for the bargain-hunting early birds! Think muffins, brownies, and other easy-to-eat items. Bring them by the Haddam Elementary School parking lot from 6:30 a.m. to noon. Look for our banner and folks dressed in blue Democracy Kicks T-shirts. If you need us to pick up your items Friday evening, please call Sean Moriarty at 860-614-4924.

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