Norm Needleman Nominated for State Senate

Norm Needleman, first selectman of Essex, was unanimously nominated for the 33rd district state senate seat at the senate convention on May 23 in East Hampton.

Norm will be an outstanding senator and would bring an amazing amount of business acumen and skill to the position. Norm has been a business leader in our state for over three decades and currently employs over 250 people at his business, Tower Labs.

We need someone who will work for all of us and not be beholden to special interest groups. Art Linares has failed the 33rd district time and time again.

Let’s help to get Norm elected in November!

[Special thanks to all our delegates. Pictured from left to right: Representative Phil Miller, Norm Needleman, Melissa Schlag, Brent Charpentier, Ralph Livieri, Brenda Buzzi and Steve Lowrance.]NormConvention

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